DNA test WFFS available


Recently we added the test Warmblood Fragile Foal Syndrome (WFFS) to our already extensive range of DNA testing.

Warmblood Fragile Foal Syndrome (WFFS) is a hereditary disease with symptoms of hyperextensible and abnormally fragile skin, as well as hyperextensibility of articulations. The skin of newborn foals lacks tensile strength due to large spaces between deep dermal fibers. Also, lesions occur across the body and limb joints are extremely lax and hyperextensible. These abnormalities require euthanasia just after delivery. With the DNA test carriers of WFFS can be identified, this information helps to make decisions in breeding.

Ordering this test can be easily done online by using our webshop. The necessary bags to collect hair samples can be ordered during this order process.

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