Finding the DNA test for your breed!


As of today you can very easily check the availability of DNA-tests in our webshop for the breed of your animal.

A search function assists you in identifying the correct DNA-test within our large range of DNA-tests. This search function has been added to our webshop for all animal pages.

Simply enter the requested breed and the availability of all available DNA-tests is displayed. Important: also the non-breedspecific DNA tests are shown, these are generally also applicable for the requested breed. A tick-box can be used to change between non-breedspecific and breedspecific.

The overview of DNA-tests includes: test name, breed, price and a button for more information. This information is available by clicking on the "(i)". An additional line with information instantly gives you the details, accessed by clicking "More Information ..." in the displayed text. This takes you to the page with all the available information on the DNA test. Returning to the overview of search results is easy: "go back to the previous page."

After finding the correct test, you can order the DNA-test by clicking on the cart. The test will automatically be added to your orders. After logging in (or register), you can complete the ordering process.

With this new service, we are confident that you can easily find the required test!

If you have any questions or comments? Please contact us.