Submitting samples

How do I submit sample material?

Please use our test submission form to submit sample material. You can download this form for each animal species you wish to have tested. If you would like multiple tests performed on a single animal, please submit one submission form, ticking the boxes for the tests you would like to have performed. Please send the completed submission form and the sample to:

Dr. van Haeringen Polygen bvba
Kasteellaan 7
BE- 2390 Malle

* Blood samples for karyotyping can only be delivered to our company address:
   Dr. van Haeringen Laboratoruim BV, Agribusiness Park 100, 6708 PW Wageningen, Netherlands.

Please refer for more information about Karyotyping to the FAQ  'How do I submit a blood sample for karyotyping?'